Our Dogsday's Method



Dogsday meals are prepared individually for each dog starting from the raw ingredients, no pre-mixes.

We generate a unique profile for each of our dogs. When the order is placed, we take into account the necessary quantities of raw ingredients and seal each portion into a food-grade cooking vacuum bag.

The meals are then cooked with the Sous Vide technique (the same of top starred restaurants) at a controlled temperature bath for a fixed time. This allows the maximum retention of the raw ingredients nutritional values that would be otherwise largely destroyed by conventional cooking processes.

The meals are then immediately transferred to an ice bath and refrigerated, before being labeled and boxed for delivery. This ensures the total retention of all the natural nutrients and avoids any external contamination.

The moisture in the food is the natural water contained in the raw ingredients, we don't add any water.

Nutrition and Safety

Our meals are designed to meet and exceed the European FEDIAF and American AAFCO nutritional standards. In addition, we run regular lab tests (Intertek Testing Service Hong Kong Ltd) to verify the nutritional values and the safety of our food using human consumption standards.

Our food made in a FEHD licensed food factory in Hong Kong.