About us


The Advisor

Dr. Barbara Tonini

Dr. Barbara Tonini is a practitioner veterinarian and nutritionist graduated from Milan University in Veterinary Sciences for Health, Production and Animal Safety and she has a Ph.D. in Clinical Nutrition of Dogs and Cats. Based in Milan where she practices pet nutrition, since 2017 she also hosts Kitchen Bau, a daily show on SKY TV on homemade pet nutrition and recipes.

The Founders


The CDO (Chief Dog Officer)


Alfonso is a Traditional SharPei graduated from the Street University of Lantau, HK. After his studies, he chose to move to Giuliano and Geraldine's house to practice and master his (f)arts. 

Giuliano, Chiara, Andrew, Sherman


The Kitchen Manager


The long story, short. 

Few days after CNY 2016, the young Alfonso (Dogsday CDO) decided to move in at Giuliano's home after many weeks of free camping "on the road" in Lantau. Since day one, they started a long conversation on a common interest: food. 
(They also agreed on a fair rent and expenses compromise, where Giuliano pays and Alfonso entertains the family).
Alfonso made a clear point that he intended to have a long and happy life and kibbles were a no option. Giuliano agreed instantly, based on his family's long experience with pets back in Italy, having tried all those fancy croquettes on the market and being largely disappointed by all. While testing out random youtube and facebook recipes and having quite a lot of fun in the kitchen together - and dilapidating a great stash of coins, they discussed the issue with Chiara, an old time friend of Giuliano since high school who lives in Shanghai. Thanks to Chiara's uncommon organizational skills and a true passion and experience with pets, they got in touch with Dr. Barbara, after a serious research and shortlisting of dog nutrition experts. Dr. Barbara promptly helped to define a professional and optimal diet for Alfonso, with an in-depth study of the local ingredients and climate of Hong Kong. Alfonso's fur is so shiny and soft since then. Furthermore, the preparation process and organization became much leaner. But still a hell of a job! Anyway, Alfonso enjoyed his meals and all his dog friends were often guests to share a nice family dinner. From the height of his millennial SharPei wisdom, Alfonso decided that all the dogs of Hong Kong should benefit from such knowledge and luck because health is a primary dog-right (and a duty for a dog owner) and pronounced the words " We don't need another dog food brand, we need a better dog food. Dogs of the world, Unite! Join the Fresh Food Revolution!" 
So Chiara and Giuliano partner up with Andrew, another good friend with a sixth sense for operations management, whose family not only shares a great love for dogs but are also in the F&B industry and agreed to let the band use the downtime of one of their dim sum kitchens to run their initial experiments under Dr. Barbara's lead. 
What followed was an intense time of dedicated and restless research on ingredients, techniques, pieces of equipment and Laboratory testing on safety and nutrition values - but from here on we should keep a minimum of IP, even if we make of transparency one of our core values. Tony, our lawyer, thinks we are already disclosing too much about our method here
So Dogsday was born. 
The operation, now ready, was moved to a dedicated FHED licensed food factory in Sha Tin and more and more dogs can enjoy healthy and fresh meals every day, and their owners are not only assured of doing the good thing, but they can also spend a lot more of a great time together with their pups without worrying about their food (which is delivered fresh at home every week in ready-to-use tailored portions! Oh My Dog, what a service!).
T-shirts could finally be printed.