Fresh Matters

If you are reading this, probably you've been there too.

Choosing the right food for your dog it's a stressful journey. 
We hear every day about how serious health problems are related to processed industrial pet food diets and of the numerous poisoning and contamination scandals. Yet, we see every day new brands on the store's shelves, packaging getting greener in color, "raw", "natural" and "appropriate" as new marketing mantras.

But are they really any different from the kibbles on the next row?

We believe the answer is NO.


Simply because commercial pet food is not designed primarily for your dog, it is designed for YOU.

It's easy, handy, doesn't mess up your kitchen and lasts forever. It fits into our busy working life schedules and relieves us from the responsibility of knowing what we are feeding our pups.  

But would YOU eat kibbles every meal, every day of your life?

The alternative? Home preparation, handpicking quality ingredients, add variety to their diet, choose the freshest and safest food as possible, just as you do for yourself and your family. And be informed, research. Dogs are not humans: their metabolism is very different from ours, and many foods and ingredients we normally use in our everyday meals can be extremely dangerous for them. There is a lot of info on the web and that's great because it allows sharing experiences and knowledge, but better be guided by a reputable pet nutritionist. Because each dog is different, you must be aware of many details unique to your dog's nutritional needs, such as the right portion to refrain from over-feeding or under-feeding and the right balance to provide the correct amount of key nutrients to avoid long-term chronical pathologies.

And keep an eye on the wallet too, plan your week. As it's hard to find the time to enjoy a good home meal for you and your family, organizing the meals for your dog requires uncommon planning skills!

We went on the journey, that's why we started Dogday