Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that Dogsday is tailor-made food?

With the support of our vet nutritionist advisor, we calculate the optimal nutritional intake for your dog, taking into account all the info you gave us about your dog when you register to our service, such as sex, breed, weight, health and lifestyle. The portions are defined by KCalories (KCal), the food energy units. We also balance the optimal ratio of macronutrients for each dog, therefore each meal has a slightly different proportion of ingredients. That's why we individually portion each meal starting from the single raw ingredients and don't use any pre-mixed blend.

Where do your meats and fish come from?

Our Human-Grade ingredients come from verified and reliable sources on the Hong Kong market. Our Meats and Fish are imported from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe, Chile, Taiwan, South Korea.

We are the only one to clearly state the origin of our Meats and Fish.

Check the full list of ingredients and origin on our ingredients page.

At what age can I start feeding Dogsday to my dog?

At present we provide our diets for adult dogs, so we suggest feeding Dogsday to your dog starting at about 10 months of age.

How do I switch from commercial/processed food to fresh food?

When modifying your dog’s primary diet, it is advised not to do an abrupt food change. You should gradually replace your dog’s old diet and it is good to have a least a 7-day period transition plan in order to avoid digestive problems.

This is the switching method that our veterinary nutritionist suggests to use when transitioning from a commercial diet to Dogsday’s fresh diet:

  • Day 1 to 2: 2/3 old diet and 1/3 DOGSDAY
  • Day 3 to 5: 1/2 old diet and 1/2 DOGSDAY
  • Day 6 to 7: 1/3 old diet and 2/3 DOGSDAY

Why do you need to add a supplement to the meal and what is it?

VET INTEGRA supplement is a dog-specific powdered mix of vitamins and minerals complement, formulated and manufactured by vet nutritionists from Padua University in Italy to balance the nutrients in fresh food diets for adult dogs. The complete absence of products of animal origin, preservatives and appetizers makes it the ideal way to complement fresh food diets for dogs with food allergies. VET INTEGRA, coupled with a fresh and healthy diet like the one we provide at Dogsday, can help you maintain a better level of health for your dog… and a shiner coat!  

Why can’t I just cook homemade food for my dog by myself?

Of course, you can and it's a very nice thing to do. But if you do, we recommend you do it with the help of a vet nutritionist to ensure the correct nutritional values in your dog’s diet. Cooking for your dog it is also very time-consuming. Why don’t you rely on Dogsday to provide a nutritionally balanced, vet supervised meal for your dog with the convenience to have it delivered at home every week?  

Can I feed my dog a mix of Dogsday and industrial food like kibbles?

While we encourage to do a transition period when switching from industrial food to Dogsday in order to minimize the risk of stomach upsets, we strongly suggest you not to mix the food as a rule. Our food is nutritionally tailor-made for your dog, and we have no way to know the nutritional values and characteristics of the industrial food. You may incur the risk of over-feeding or under-feeding your dog.

Isn’t the Dogsday portion too big? It looks like a lot of food compared to industrial food.

Each portion of Dogsday is tailor-made to fit your dog’s nutritional requirement. Even though it might look like a lot compared to industrially processed food, it is because it is all natural and it contains the natural water and moisture of the raw ingredients. This is also very beneficial for senior dogs who tend to have hydration problems.

How many days can I keep Dogsday food in the fridge?

You can keep the packs in your fridge like any other fresh food for up to 10 days from the preparation date written on the label. You can also choose to keep them in the freezer and consume it within 3 months.   

Why my pooch's poop is different after eating Dogsday?

After your dog starts eating DOGSDAY, you will see that the poo is a bit different: darker and smaller in size. Do not worry, this is perfectly normal. The darker color (and maybe even a greener hue) is due to the fresh meat and fresh veggies. The smaller size is because all the nutrients are absorbed and there are fewer residues compared to commercial dog food.

Where do you deliver in Hong Kong?

We use Yamato Chilled Delivery service to guarantee a temperature controlled delivery with tracking code and personalised delivery arrangements, everywhere in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Discovery Bay and Tung Chung and the New Territories (except for Lo Wu, Mai Po, Man Kam To, Ta Kwo Lin and Outlying Islands), and we can arrange special delivery/pick up in South Lantau.

If you live out of the delivery area, send us an e-mail anyway. You will be notified if we extend our delivery service to your area or find a special arrangement.

Where do you make your food?

Our food is made fresh every week in a fully FEHD licensed food factory in Sha Tin, Hong Kong.

How do I Place my orders?

Once you register your dog, you will receive a detailed quotation for your tailored plan with a link to your check-out and account.

You can then decide if placing one-off single orders or set a subscription with your preferred delivery frequency and billing cycle - and save! You can manage your preferences anytime from your account, including skipping weeks, change menu combinations, delivery frequency and cancel your subscription.

Can I pause my subscription?

Sure! Dogsday is designed to be as flexible as you need. From your account, you can manage your orders as you need up to seven weeks in advance and choose your preferred delivery frequency. You can also place one-off orders.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Any time. From your account, you can manage all your preferred options, including canceling your subscription. 

Can I change my delivery address?

Yes. If you have a temporary or permanent change of address you can simply send us an email or a WhatsApp message with the new address at least one week before your next scheduled delivery. You can also update it directly from your account page.




Not So Frequently Asked Questions:


Does Human-Grade mean that I can eat it too?

Well, you would find the taste a little blunt as there are no spices... Our food is made only with human-grade top quality ingredients from safe and reliable sources, prepared with a safe, controlled temperature sous vide method (the same of starred restaurants), and tested in the lab safe for human consumption up to 10 days from preparation date.

Said so, NO, our dog food is not intended for human (you) consumption!